6 Reasons for buying a home near a school

Finding an appropriate, high-quality and affordable housing can be difficult, especially if a prospective homeowner has specific requirements for what they are looking for in a home, neighborhood, or new location, as can be the case. Some of the finest options may be located near a school, which can be a plus for some people (especially those with children or those attending college) and a deal-breaker for others, depending on their priorities. Fortunately, all Buildnet’s projects are located in close proximity to prestigious educational institutions. Here are some of the advantages of living near a school.


1. It helps you save time.

It is much more convenient for parents to drop their children off at school than than driving them there and back again. In the case of older children, it may even be possible for them to walk to school with their classmates, allowing them to maintain a healthy physical fitness regimen while also developing independence. Children, especially the youngest, do not have to wake up too early, and the waking up ritual does not become stressful as a result of this arrangement.

Buildnet’s affordable and quality apartments like Raven apartments, Najjera heights and Olive Homes Naalya are all within proximity to major educational centers. Olive Homes Naalya, for example is just next to Naalya SS Main gate, just 100 meters off the main tarmac and so close to Bethany High School Naalya, Hillside Nursery and Primary School, Vienna College School. The distance between home and school is shortened.

2. It helps you save money.

This includes the cost of commuting, whether it is by school bus or by parent-dropped child. Having a school nearby reduces the amount of time spent driving to and from school, which can add up over time and result in significant savings.

Raven apartments is not only located within major school proximity but also near medical centers like Kira Health Centre III, JB Medical Centre Kira, JARO Hospital Kyaliwajjala, 7 Hills Medical Centre. In case of an emergency, you won’t need to hire ambulances or call 999 for assistance. The Najjera Heights apartment moreover has a top notch pharmacy on the apartment with more commercial space to own preferably a supermarket. The opportunity is just lying in your hands.


3. Getting the Most Out of After-School Activities

This is a significant advantage for parents of small children. Often, local schools will offer a playground that is open to the general public after school has ended for the day. Because of this, there is no need to load everyone into the car and go to the park. Based on the age of the children and whether or not the yard is enclosed, parents may feel comfortable allowing them to go outside and play alone, which can help them develop independence. For older pupils, there may also be basketball courts and other recreational facilities available.

When you purchase a unit (either 1 or 2 bedrooms) in Raven apartments Naalya, you will have access to nearby children’s play areas such as Kids World Water Park and Toddlers Den. What a fun for the young ones!


4. A feeling of well-being

Parents are at peace if the school is close by, and they can rush to the hospital if there is a medical emergency. They can also make it to PTA meetings and school events on time. Children who live close to a school have fewer chances of encountering strangers and are less likely to be involved in an accident if they do not live far away from the school.

Raven apartments in Kitukutwe, just 100 meters off the main kitukutwe road will take you less minutes accessing your children’s schools. You won’t need to stress yourself rushing to meet school appointments. Schools like Makerere College School, Raphela Junior School Kira-Bulindo, Mt. Elijah Junior School Bulindo, Rotafield International school, Greenhill Primary School, Aspire Academy Kira are all within vicinity of these apartment. This is a great deal worth investing in.


5. It helps you save energy.

An exhausting bus ride or a commute that involves being trapped in traffic can be a cause of anxiety and tiredness for a child. When a youngster attends a school that is close to his or her home, he or she will be more comfortable, will arrive home on time, and will have more time to spend resting, doing schoolwork, or even playing.

Najjera heights apartments moreover has a swimming pool for extra relaxation. You can also make use of the gym therein. Besides saving time looking for these centers, your body will become more productive. Isn’t this what they refer to as shooting two birds with one stone?


6. Children can walk to and from school.

In addition, parents who live within walking distance of their child’s school can avoid the morning rush (and vice versa), and there may even be an option for the children themselves to walk the short distance to school. This is in addition to the savings resulting from not having to purchase a bus pass for the student and, even better, not having to wake up as early to ensure that the student arrives to school on time.

Raven Apartments, located in the heart of Naalya, is in close proximity to a number of prestigious educational institutions. A short journey from Naalya SS, St. Peters SS Naalya, Bethany High School Naaly, Hillside Nursery and Primary School, and Vienna College School brings you to a plethora of world-class educational institutions.



According to research, the proximity to a school is one factor that prospective house buyers actively examine because the accessible and safer location allows for better flexibility in daily time management an

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