Hi my friends so today is one of those days I woke up thinking about our idea to own an Apartment and just to be sure I searched for the actual meaning of a mortgage. I know some of us know what it means but i will define it any a mortgage is a legal agreement that conveys the conditional right of ownership on an asset or property in this case the condominium apartment we want to own, By its owner to a lender in this case that would be the bank as security for a loan. Now to simplify this practically I will use Buildnet when you want to own a one bedroom.  Apartment which may costs 80M you will have to have a specific percentage of the 80M paid to Buildnet and then you sign an agreement with them upon which they will give you a copy of the condominium land title. Now this land title Is what they give to the bank as security to get a loan from which you can clear Buildnet’s balance. The Bank provides you the money depending on the level of income from either salary or a business that brings in Money monthly. The bank will take a copy of that condominium title you receive from Buildnet after signing the agreement, and give you the amount you want to clear the balance for the apartment at this point you have to agree with on how long you will be paying that loan and the amount monthly. And there you have yourself an apartment that you can live in with your family happily. Buildnet Partners with Stanbic bank, Housing Finance Bank, Barclays, DFCU, ESACCO and any other bank of your choice we can work with. Come let’s get our dream houses.


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