Home ownership a crucial aspect in today’s complex world

A few years ago, it took you longer than a year to own a home. You would have to save and rent while you constructed your dream home which normally made construction so hectic. Today, there has been such terrific growth in property values that it’s very hard for a person starting out to get a home.

Because we appreciate this fact, Buildnet offers individuals affordable homes that one does not have to pay for in one go. We have a payment plan that is suitable for individulas to pay for their homes in installments for a period of 1 year at 0% interest rate.

We feel that home ownership is the single most important thing in keeping a family together and giving someone a secure future, therefore our housing set up focuses not solely on individuals looking to start out their life in a single bedroom apartment but also individuals who want to start and grow a family which is provided for in the 2 and 3 bedroom apartments we offer.

If you look at economic stability for a family and being part of a community, home ownership is the number one thing that we should address because in the famous words of “Matthew Desmond,” Housing is absolutely essential to human flourishing and without stable shelter, it all falls apart.

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