How To Obtain A Condominium Apartment From Buildnet (Here Is Our Process).

Buildnet-Florida Apartments

On your search for Quality and Affordable housing, an apartment for sale to be specific, you have zeroed down on Buildnet as your real estate developer of choice and Najjera Heights as your project of choice, owing to the project’s prime location and wide variety of amenities. However, you are wondering, “how do I acquire an apartment with Buildnet?”

Here is Buildnet’s process for acquiring an apartment;

  1. Once you get in touch with us, you will be assigned a dedicated sales professional for purposes of managing your engagement with us and to expeditiously handle your transaction. The sales professional will discuss your options with you, including our payment plans, necessary documentation etc.
  2. You will then have a site visit, to have a feel of your project of choice. The sales professional, to help you explore our variety of offerings, can also take you to our other projects.
  3. After the site Visit, and once you are certain that you want to buy, you pay a 5M booking fee and then a 20% Deposit of the total Unit purchase price for one month. This is a commitment fee and is part of the total purchase price.
  4. At this stage, you enter into a sale agreement as a Purchaser and Buildnet as the Vendor.
  5. Important to note is that BUILDNET offers flexible terms of payment for a period of twelve months (one year) which are well stipulated in the sale agreement Alternatively, you can pursue mortgage financing through our partner banks including Housing Finance Bank, Stanbic Bank, Centenary Bank, Barclays Bank and DFCU Bank for a payment plan of 20 years.
  6. After you fulfill your payment obligation as agreed in the sale agreement, you are entitled to a Condominium Title Deed, Transfer Form, an Occupation Permit and the House Keys of your Unit.
  7. The condominium unit owners form and register a Condominium Owners Association (Condominium Corporation), which obtains ownership of the condominium mother title from the Vendor (BUILDNET), these guidelines are well stipulated in the Condominium Property Act 2001 and Condominium Property Regulations, Laws of Uganda.
  8. The same association takes over management and maintenance of the entire estate.

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