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Condominium Housing solutions for sale

Buildnet prides in its Quality Apartments that have given her a great reputation in the Market. Our Condominium Apartments come with self-contained amenities such as; Toilets, bathrooms, living area, Kitchen and bedroom/s. These Apartments are structured into two types: The 1 bedroom Apartments and the 2 bedroom Apartments, ready to be enjoyed. The thrill and enthusiasm showed by our clients dictates that we have met at least 85% of their home desires by incorporating Luxury with affordability
Najjera Heights (7)

Luxury Villas/ High End Storeyed Apartments

Buildnet has taken its game to the highest standards ever by providing class, uniqueness and value for money in its storeyed apartments. These come with three bedrooms, ample parking space, modern artistic designs and spacious lounge area.
With these exquisite neo-classic architectural style of construction, Buildnet promises to stand out in luxury living.

Social Amenities

Build net’s customers are privileged to live in one of its serene villages which come with the following social services: Super Markets: A supermarket area has been secured for clients who live in the in Buildnet’s village area. Build net’s pride in servicing its clients with such shopping options that provide all home and family item selections brought closer to their homes giving them comfort and convenience in shopping.
Medical Clinic Services: Buildnet recognises the importance of a secure and healthy environment. As such, Buildnet has brought to its housing village occupants a fully stocked and expert –oriented clinic with ambulance services readily available to all clients. We hope that as we operate, partnerships with the best service providers in the region, our clientele is at peace and remains healthy at all the time.

Mortgage Financing

Buildnet does not only recognise the importance of serving clients with high quality and affordable housing options, but also provide friendly financing options.
As a result, Buildnet’s partners such as; Housing finance Bank, Barclays Bank, DFCU Bank and others are ready to take on customer oriented mortgage financing to ease the acquisition process of our products. Please ask us more about this facility and we shall provide you with more details.

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