Pros of Buying a Condominium– Is It Worth It?

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Whether you are single and looking for a place of your own, just starting a family, or moving your family into the home you have always dreamed of, buying a condominium is fast becoming a desired course of action. This, in the face of fast growing construction and land acquisition costs which make it hard to acquire land and to be able to undertake a construction project without hardships. As such, buying a condo can be a great option.

What Is a Condominium?

A condominium an apartment, except that this time you own the apartment. A condominium is essentially a private individually owned residence within a larger multi-unit building or community. Condominiums share some amenities with all the other units in their community; These amenities may include parking areas, gardens, swimming pools and so much more.

What Are The Benefits of Buying a Condo?

  1. Affordability

Depending on the community of neighborhood, condominiums are often times priced lower than single-family homes. For instance, this is because that the exterior of the condominium plus the land is considered common area, collectively owned by all condominium owners in the community.

  1. Amenities

Condominiums are often times fully parked with a number of highly sought after amenities like swimming pools, fitness centers, gardens and so much more, often times out of reach for average home owners. For example, Najjera Heights comprises of apartments that include a swimming pool, a modern gym, gardens and children’s play areas, state of the art basement parking, an inbuilt gas supply system, a supermarket, pharmacy and so much more. For an average home owner, such amenities, though highly desired, are often out of reach.

These amenities can also make it much easier to get to know your neighbors. If you live alone or love to socialize, this can be a great perk.

  1. Security

Many condominiums offer gated or locked entries, doorkeepers, or even security professionals for residents. If you live alone or security is a concern for you, this can be reassuring because it might reduce the risk of home break-ins. In addition, you live in close proximity to many other people, which means that in an emergency, you’ll have plenty of people to turn to for help.

  1. Appreciation

Condominiums usually tend to appreciate so fast in value. So if you are looking at condominiums as a form of investment with plans to sell in the future, you will most certainly be assured of good Return on Investment.

  1. Good and prime locations

Many condominiums are located in prime and highly sought after areas, often with great proximity to the city or other social amenities. For example, Najjera Heights is located just 300 Metres from the Kiwatule Northern Bypass flyover, a prime location that make mobility easy, while allowing owners ease of access to social amenities like schools, churches, mosques, children’s play centres, markets, shopping malls, hospitals and so much more.

Living in a prime location makes it easy to visit new restaurants, go shopping, and check out live shows. If you can walk or take public transport, you will likely find that you get more exercise because it’s easier to get out and about.

Also, the fact that condominiums are located in prime neighborhoods makes them increase in value faster, which can make them a worthy investment.

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