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Katunta Moses Kaylor

Buildnet has exihibited a degree of customer service. They do for you more than you expect. Their apartments are affordable moreover the quality is not compromised. They also offer flexible payment terms and this left me financially stable without stress… What a deal!

Sendiwala Isma

I am glad to be a Buildnet Client. My apartment is so spacious and classy. Everything has an outstanding look and finish. Their customer service is impeccable. I would really like to make more business with your team.

Masibo Rodney

Buildnet has one of the best apartments in Uganda. Their services are outstanding and the apartments speak of themselves. I really like the choice of their location selection. Almost all their apartments are next to what you can need most. Happy Christmas. Thank you for serving us.

Nyankaziki Elizabeth

I would undoubtely recommend Buildnet apartments to anyone looking for an affordable yet classy home. The completeness of the environment and apartments is far apart. The rooms are spacious. Their team is so hospitable, supportive and professional.

Sylvia R. A Oteng

Buildnet team has really done an outstanding job in their work. I mean the apartments they have built. I am specifically impressed by the level of professionalism exhibited by their them. They have guided me through everything. The finishing and fittings have made my home so hospitable….!!!!

Juliet M

I am glad to be a Buildnet client, they have done an outstanding job in their construction and the material they use to construct is legit and unquestionable. I have had the best customer service from their team and would recommend their products and services to anyone.

Benson M

Owning an apartment from Buildnet has been the best decision I have ever made. Buildnet is one of the property companies in Uganda with the best quality and affordable apartments, spacious enough for family well finished with the basic practical equipment

Martin K

Buildnet apartments have a user-friendly house design, their apartments are spacious enough with provision for all Uganda family settings. I greatly appreciate their customer care and prompt response to customer issues

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