The Importance Of Location When Buying A New Apartment.

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Where is it located? Consciously or unconsciously, this question will come to every buyer’s mind. Every buyer wants to know where the apartment for sale is located. This question is not asked just for the sake of asking. An apartment’s location is very important. In this blogpost we therefore look at some of the reasons why location is important, together with some location based considerations you should make when looking for an apartment for sale. Please enjoy the read.

Geographical Positioning:

When looking to buy an apartment, you are looking at something that directly affects your lifestyle. You are looking at the place you will call home for a really long time. As such, things like job opportunities, climate, and proximity to close family members, the average value of homes and so much more can all be directly affected by location. What you want is to not buy an apartment that puts you out of touch with everyone and everything.


When looking for an apartment for sale, it is important to look for one in a secure and safe neighbourhood. Now, because there are so many risk factors to life and property, oftentimes apartments in unsecure neighborhoods will be priced lower. This may be appealing but is it worth it to sacrifice your own safety to save money?  Also, if you are looking at apartments as a form of investment, while it may be cheaper to buy in an unsecure neighbourhood, it is harder to sell your apartment if you opt to. As such, you will want to buy an apartment in a safe and secure neighbourhood; for instance, one that is not frequented by iron bar hit men or one that is not known for the many cases of theft and robbery.


Different locations have neighbourhoods with quite different characteristics. Whether you are looking to live in the apartment you buy, or to sell it in future, you will want to buy an apartment in a location whose neighbourhood makes you and perhaps your future buyer comfortable. This can come down to things like how developed the neighbourhood is or its general impression-for instance, does it come off as a classy or is it quite chaotic? All this matters.

Proximity to your work place:

If you have to travel several hours just to reach your office, you might need to re-think your decision for buying an apartment in a given location. Often times, suburbs are quite a distance from central business districts. However, different suburbs have different accessibility considerations. When considering an apartment for sale, you will therefore need to factor into it, how easily accessible your workplace is, whether you use private or public means.

Proximity to other amenities

These other amenities include schools, leisure Activities, shopping centres, markets, hospitals and so much more. These are amenities that in your everyday life you need.  You don’t want to buy an apartment where you need to drive for hours to access a doctor or to buy groceries.

Overall, whether you intend to live in it or to sell it, where you buy your apartment is very important. The above reasons and considerations are some of the many, some even personal. Share with us what would be your considerations when it comes to buying an apartment. You can do this in the comments section or share your views on social media with the Hash Tag #BuildnetBlog

  • I need details personally because l want to get one apartment in a good location, safe neighborhood and proximity to amemities such supermarkets, medical facilities etc.

    May l have contacts then we start of from there.

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