The Outing That Was.

Early this year a group of friends came up with an idea that we have a night out and sleep over away from our homes and all our family issues it was an exciting one we all thought we should just a night away come on girls we can do this lets just hook up a few shillings get an apartment with a few rooms we can share. That was a task and we all though well that should be easy these days apartments do exist just for a night let’s do this. Since I had a few free days in my week with some time to spare i took up the task of looking for the apartment thinking this would be the easiest. I could just search for apartments with in Kampala and I did exactly that with my phone.

As Facebook brought me the options I thought wow this is going to be easier than I thought little did I know Ugandans actually spend to sleep in apartments I went to was fully booked for staying not even short term and then I realized actually these are furnished apartments for rent not and people pay dollars to stay here to cut the long story short I got a hold of one gentleman  who would make me an offer for the night but his arrogance left me with just 2 options go to a hotel which would cost us $500 to $1000 a night which was way beyond our post-holiday budget or walk around and spend fuel to look for him eventually he switched his phone off.

Any who we did get our night out eventually, but this made me realize if I did my research would I find something that would work for me and that is when I landed on Buildnet and was taught the benefits of condominium apartments. A nice looking young lady told me about their 1 bedroom & 2-bedroom condominium apartments and just like any sensible person my first unconscious question was “WHAT IS A CONDOMINIUM?” She smiles with pride probably because she has heard this question over and over in her trek for buyers she sat me down and broke it down to simply put it this is where you own a unit of the apartment on a block and share the land title and all the amenities that come with it. This got me thinking you can do this.

Buildnet gets to build you this house with cabins, Power and water access on addition to this process the land title all you have to do is furnish this house and boom you have a getaway home every family holiday will be cheaper and easier and this where the holiday ladies come in they just need to pay you a few pennies for the night considering of course power and water consumption for the night you just come to an agreement with them and you save for yet another family holiday.

Our friends and families from beyond Kampala staying in UK, USA who visit us on holidays am talking about the “muvabulayas” in this economy of ours we can save money if you own this apartment and you don’t pay for hotels when you come for those that one or few months you are here on addition to that you could rent it out to you friends in the diaspora who come to the country every now and then so you bring in some income. You will thank me later.

So, this is how my thinking went I guess implementation is the question lingering right now perhaps next time I will have creative ideas may be how you can access that mortgage. Enjoy your week my dears.



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