Buildnet water proofing technology

At Buildnet, we take quality so paramount because we believe that even after a client buys a house from us, they continue to enjoy lifetime value for their money. To this end we at Buildnet use XYPEX Crystalline technology’s PATCH’N PLUG which is a specially designed, fast-setting, hydraulic cement compound for concrete patching and repair. This stops active flow of water through static cracks and defects, seals around pipe penetrations and repairs faulty construction joints.

Patch’n Plug has been tested by various independent laboratories for plugging leaks setting time, compressive and bond strengths. Xypex products use the natural porosity of concrete and chemical diffusion to penetrate its pores and capillaries.



Water Proofing being implemented at the rooftop of one of Florida Apartment blocks in KIIRA,MAMERITO ROAD



XYPEX forms a non-soluble crystalline structure which makes concrete impermeable and resistant to hydrostatic pressure. It can be applied in negative or positive side of concrete surface. Further still, XYPEX is not subject to deterioration problems from surface coatings and membranes.

A misty fog spray of clean water is used for curing the XYPEX treatment which is done after the XYPEX has set to a point where it will not be damaged by a fine spray of water. Below is an image of the roof top of one of the blocks at Florida Apartments which shows XYPEX water proofing finishing after it has finished setting.

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